Testimonial from Damian and Francine Hancox, Fairfield

We employed Andy and Blair to pave a large area in our back garden, borders for garden beds, our drive way and a couple of paths.

Due to the way our renovation was planned we needed Blair and Andy to work during the height of the summer and in the depths of winter. I have seen these two turn up in 40+ degree heat and when it’s bitterly cold and raining. They have an incredible work ethic. On the occasions when the weather defeated them they would come back on Saturdays to ensure that they kept to schedule and didn’t hold up other trades.

The quality of their work is high and they pay attention to detail. We had chosen a complicated pattern to lay and they checked and rechecked the measurements to ensure the pattern ran from the outside edge in to the house. They tidied up after themselves too. We have had an incredible number of compliments on the work they have done. A couple of our neighbours have also employed them to work on their external areas.

They were good communicators– we always knew when they were coming and what their planned schedule was.

They were unfailingly polite, helpful and pleasant to deal with. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

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